"Making Group" - a Crescent Park 2014 Study Group

"Making Group" - a Crescent Park 2014 Study Group

Study Groups are a special time designed for educators and children to come together to talk about common interests and share experiences in a more intimate setting.  Study Groups are comprised of a multi-aged mix of children who share a common interest, and meet once per week for approximately 45 minutes. In order to form a well-balanced group of individuals, educators consider the strengths and personalities of potential group members. In each Study Group, we hope to include children who are skilled in one or more of the following domains:

  • Critical/Analytical/Flexible thinking
  • Communication & Mediation
  • Drawing & Construction
  • Taking Leadership & Showing Initiative

While in a Study Group, children can revisit their experiences and share details about their interests.  These “revisits” benefit the child’s intellectual and social/emotional growth.  This is also a time for reading, exploring math, science, technology, writing, acting out stories, researching and learning through song, dance, and other elements of artistic expression.  Teachers prepare Study Group plans each week after a collaborative meeting in which we discuss on-going interests we’ve seen played out in the program.  We in turn, collaborate with the children in developing their further interests and providing meaningful activities for continued growth in every domain.  We value our relationships with families and the larger community, and invite them to participate in furthering our knowledge and understanding.

Each Study Group has specific developmental goals that build upon previously learned skills in our play-based environment, with close attention to the acquisition of life skills.  Expectations are modified and/or expanded to meet a child’s individual needs and abilities.  All Study Groups have an initial curriculum design with efforts to include:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Art (fine & expressive)
  • Math
  • Parent involvement
  • Community partnerships and presentations