If you are interested in knowing more about Crescent Park we suggest that you complete an enrollment/waitlist form and sign up for a tour. Tours are typically conducted once a month from September through May. During the preschool enrollment season, tours occur twice a month in the mornings from 10:30-11:15 AM.

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Crescent Park enrolls children throughout the year.  When we have an opening and your child’s name comes up on the wait list, we give consideration to the opening that we have and to the schedule that you are requesting.  A deposit of one month’s tuition is required upon admission and is applied toward your last month is the program.  Admission is offered only once in a 12 month period and if enrollment is deferred, reapplication will become necessary and priority will be given to the next family on the wait list. 


A Full-Day schedule from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM, or a Half-Day schedule from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM, on either:

  • Monday - Friday
  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Tuesday and Thursday

Parents are allowed to use any portion of the day that they prefer, however we suggest that you remain sensitive to your child’s ability to enter the program once the peer groups have formed for the day, which is typically by 9:30 A.M. 

After you’ve been admitted, we usually recommend taking the first two weeks to transition into the program.  Children that have had limited experiences away from home or who have temperaments that are “slow to warm” or sensitive,  may need more assistance in separating from parents than others.  Our program will make every effort to ensure the successful transition of the family and the child into the preschool setting.

Enrollment Forms

For Prospective Families

To place your child in the waitlist pool, please download an enrollment/waitlist Form and submit it via mail along with a $50 application fee.

For Incoming and Current Families

These are downloadable forms that are required from state licensing for enrollment.  For incoming families, hard copies are in your enrollment packet.  For current families, please use if you need to make changes to your child’s information.  Forms should be printed out and returned to the Crescent Park office one week before your child's first day. 

  1. Consent for Medical Treatment
  2. Preadmission Health History
  3. Identification and Emergency
  4. Immunizations and Physicians Report
  5. Parent’s Rights
  6. Personal Rights
  7. Photograph Permission & Release Form