Approximately age 2.5 to 3 years

Increased comfort in social/emotional experiences and language acquisition skills

A few examples are:

  • Shows comfort in preschool space and in small group settings
  • Growing more aware of others
  • Separates from parents and feels safe in school environment
  • Participates in routine activities easily. VB 
  • Follows simple directions
  • Makes choices
  • Demonstrates increasing independence
  • Stands up for rights; learns to advocate for him/herself
  • Seeks out social interactions with peers and teachers
  • Recalls words in songs and finger-plays; increasing language acquisition
  • Understands concept of sharing; respects rights of others; looks to teachers for cues in solving social problems
  • Begins to play cooperatively with others
  • Uses full sentences to express ideas and feelings
  • Shows curiosity and a desire to learn
  • Shows persistence in approaching tasks.  Can stay with one project for a more sustained period of time
  • Plays make believe